WWFTW // Watercolor Worlds, Cube Lands And Dung Beetles

Welcome back to another edition of What We Found This Week, where we highlight a few amazing games we think you should either play or keep your eye on!

December 2018

Gris has the allure of a blend of the Child of Light aesthetic with the game play experience of Journey. This interactive watercolor will lead you on a journey of self exploration through a captivating hand-crafted world, free of danger. Advance your way around by solving light puzzles and gliding between smooth platforming sequences.

TBA 2019

Orion-Shadow of Jeroba has such a captivating pixel art design that borders on fine art. This fantasy rogue-like pulls its inspiration from the hearts of games such as Rogue Legacy, Castlevania and Owlboy. As you crawl your way through unique cube biomes you will encounter plenty of combat with epic monsters and bosses, discover hidden secrets and death, lots and lots of death.

Yoku’s Island Express
May, 29th 2018

Yokus’s Island Express is a fusion of Metroidvania and classic pinball set in a hand painted open world. You play as Yuko the Dung Beetle, a postmaster with a simple mission of delivering parcels across a vast tropical island, while you also try to release an ancient deity trapped in a restless sleep. So if you’re feeling reminiscent for those Space Cadet pinball and Super Metroid days, this is the one to check out.

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