Here at the NerdQ, we try to keep everyone abreast of recent happenings and finds that we come across throughout the week, so here is another chapter in our weekly menu of games to watch out for or check out.



2017 – PC / PS4 / XBOX ONE

A psychological horror coming out of Canada. You are set to explore a home that seems to have varied outcomes for the different owners through the ages. The foundation doesn’t crumble, nor does the home seem to be weathered by the elements. But there are secrets founded in these walls, secrets that you will uncover as this game rattles around in your brain. Instituting fear not by jump scares or gore, but by the very definition of using the unknown and unforeseen to craft a very real experience. SADSQUARE STUDIO has finished their KICKSTARTER campaign, and more updates will follow!



2017 – PC / PS4

Adventure and Norse mythology, surrounds EITR as you are a Shieldmadien whose destiny was corrupted by the god of mischief Loki. Battling through challenges over the nine world, through a beautifully crafted isometric world to put pieces back together. In EITR you will have many weapons at your disposal, and grasp the reigns of a unique adventure brought to life. Well crafted worlds, a variety of enemies and wrought with dangers.



2017 – PC

Change is the quintessential to the evolution of game genres, and grabbing on to that change to make a difference is even more a testament to independent game development. Sacrificing what has been shown through the ages of video games for platformers like so many other games before it, but taking a unique approach to making a vertical world that houses a scaling ecosystem. Doko Roko puts you in the driver seat in this rogue-like adventure as the Unslain, and with plenty of weapons to support in your adventure throughout the Tower. Full of strange magicks and characters within that will trade items to you, or just tell you their tales.

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