WWFTW // Fantasy Swords, Medieval Fish Robots and Upside Down Worlds

We stumbled upon several delightful games to check out for WWFTW this time around, so settle in and stroll away.

Swords of Ditto-

April 24th, 2018

Dungeon crawl your way through this charming action RPG that gives each player their own unique experience in becoming a legend. During your heroic quest you will discover the mystical Sword of Ditto and various other power-ups to help you vanquish enemies and unearth secrets about overcoming the dreaded Mormo.

Fuedal Alloy-
TBA 2018

This enchanting Metroidvania style action RPG features a fish-controlled medieval robot named Attu. Armed with his old sword, this ordinary fish-robot farmer will take on an array of mechanical enemies and bosses who are responsible for ransacking his village and burning his land. As you explore the classically illustrated world, you will learn various skills and techniques that will aid you on your journey to defeat the evil and return back home.

TBA 2019

Atmospheric story driven platformer that weaves together two worlds and three playable characters through a unique narrative about suffering, sacrifice and family. Throughout your voyage in an eerie, yet beautifully crafted pixel world you will solve puzzles and meanuever your way around deadly traps, devious foes and a treacherous monster that feeds on pain.

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