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We have been highlighting lots of spectacular horror and survival games throughout the month of October and decided to drop our last WWFTW for the month on Halloween with some great titles to frighten up your night!


May 30th, 2017
PS4 / XBox / Switch / Steam

Perception is a very unique first person horror adventure game that places the player in the perceived world of a blind woman named Cassie. Players utilize the ability of echolocation by tapping her cane, which then gives small glimpses of your surroundings in order to navigate yourself through a mysterious mansion with a deadly entity known as The Presence. Beware of over tapping though, as it may trigger the very thing that has been haunting you and your nightmares.

Perception Website Here


August 15th, 2017
PS4 / XBox / Steam

The year is 2084 and a digital epidemic known as the Nanophage has left the world in a plague and war ridden state, where most of the survivors have turned to a life rampant with drugs, VR, neural implants and anything else that will distract them from the new reality. As an elite neural detective in this psychological cyberpunk thriller, it is your job to hack into the unstable minds of the victims and criminals. While you search for clues you are forced to face your darkest fears, causing you to question not only your own reality – but your sanity as well.

Observer Website Here


September 15th, 2015
PS4 / Steam

Fall deep into the realm of the Underworld in this friendly RPG where nobody has to die! Unless you want them to. On your journey to return to the surface, you will encounter various enemies that each offer their own battle attributes in order to defeat or subdue them. You can choose the nonviolent route, where you are presented with options such as dancing with the slimes or whispering your favorite secret to a knight. Or you can brutally take them down as you weave your way through the unique mini bullet-hell patterns to rain destruction upon your foes. Each choice you make will affect the dialogue with the quippy characters you encounter along the way as well as the overall outcome of the story. Will you make your way back or stay trapped forever?

Undertale Website Here

written by :  emily spitsberg

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