Welcome back to one of our favorite segments! Think of this as your weekly menu of great games to keep an eye out for. It’s equal parts compendium to what we have found thats awesome and games that we think are very much worth the attention. This is What We Found This Week, and here is the menu: childlike adventure and deep dives into purgatory (we have some pretty rad titles).


2017 – PC PS4

Another game from the ambitious and creative SuperGiantGames studios; of course there are a lot of great games in the SuperGiantGames library, including Transistor and Bastion, both of which I can’t suggest enough. Pyre would be consider a party-based RPG. With both of the previous games, there is nothing but amazing atmosphere, as you lead a band of exiles to their freedom and through conflicts.

Knights and Bikes

April 2017 – PC PS4

As an avid fan of the 1980s, Knights and Bikes transports players to a simpler time with definite pulls from Secret of Mana and Earthbound. Players take on the roles of Nessa & Demelza to explore an island with their bikes. Of course, there are the essentials: treasure, mystery, and trouble. Handling danger in and of itself is a joy, and options include frisbees, water-balloons, and puddle-stomping. Steer the island away from modern ruin!

Crossing Souls

2017 – PC PS4

With inspirations taken from what looks like Stranger Things, Crossing Souls takes you to 1986 California for an exciting adventure that some of us wished for as kids. When a group of friends uncover an artifact with powers they don’t fully understand, it becomes the beginning of a spectacular adventure between two realities. These curious youngsters set into motion a series of unexpected events with a lot of people involved.

Author: Corey Cliett

Detroit native, hanging out in Fargo to play video games and shake things up.

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