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We have been busy at work prepping for the coming months now that winter is upon us here. You’re probably thinking, but it’s still Fall…Technically, you may be correct, but we live in the Midwest where it’s a frozen winter wonderland a majority of the year. Since it’s too cold to willingly be outside most of the time, we’re gathering lots of titles for people to keep an eye or or get wrapped up in, along with a warm blanket and some hot cocoa!


Release Date TBA

Your morality will be questioned and pushed to the limits when you enter the frozen world of Frostpunk. As the leader, you must manage a circular city and its inhabitants who have developed steam powered technology in order to survive the elements in an unforgiving ice age. The steam operated generator is your peoples main source of energy and warmth, but eventually you will have to venture out into the frozen tundra in search of clues from the past in an attempt to save what’s left of civilization.

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September 19th, 2017

Neofeud is a hand painted dystopic cyberpunk adventure game where players take on the role of an ex cop living in a world of super humanoids and frankenpeople. After being dishonorably discharged for failing to kill a sentient humanoid, he is exiled to a massive landfill know at “The Pile” to work on cases as a Social Worker, until one day when a case goes horribly wrong.

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Steamworld Dig 2
September 22nd, 2017
ps4 / Switch / Steam

Steamworld Dig 2 is a 2D platform action-adventure game that is marked as the fourth installment in the Steamworld game series, and is also a direct sequel to 2013’s Steamworld Dig. Set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world that revolves around mining, you play as Dorothy, a steam-driven robot who is searching for her missing friend, Rusty (the protagonist of Steamworld Dig). You must tunnel through the underground world filled with treasures and traps by solving puzzles and mining resources. The Metroidvania-style elements in the underground world and charming retro aesthetic only help you dig in even deeper to this polished gem, and the series as a whole is a byworthy to any library.

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