What We Found This Week (WWFTW)

On this weeks WWFTW menu of Indie games to pay attention to or check out we are serving up titles about saving the planet, rescuing children from psycho killers and dimension traveling Luchadors!

September 26th, 2017
PS4 / Steam

An action adventure game set in a vibrant and mysterious world that is in brutal disarray. Traverse through ancient ruins and stunning landscapes of a fallen civilization as you unravel the secrets of your role in saving the planet. With the aid of a magnificent sword and an oversized mechanical arm you must solve puzzles, navigate maze-like dungeons, battle enemies and befriend sprites to prevent the world in peril from falling deeper into chaos.


March 10th, 2017
PS4 / Xbox One / Steam

A stealth adventure game developed by Frédérick Raynal, the creative force behind the survival horror game, Alone in the Dark. This game is a unique blend of horror, adventure and stealth where you follow a former detective on a mission to find and free kidnapped children from droves of psychopaths and killers in the corrupt city of Gloomywood. You must guide them through town, moving slowly to avoid alerting the sadistic and unnamable horrors that are lurking in the shadows. As you slowly make your way through to safety, you will uncover the horrifying secrets of the cursed town.


March 10th, 2017
PS3 /PS4 / Xbox 360 /Xbox One / WII U / Steam

A unique Metroidvania style action-platformer set in a fantastical world inspired by traditional Mexican culture and folklore where you play a ruthless Luchador who uses the power of their fists to battle evil. This game features a wide array of distinct and interesting characters with strong melee combat and dimension switching components. There is also an entire story mode that has the option for cooperative same-screen multiplayer gaming. As you travel between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead, you will uncover hidden wrestling techniques and moves that are both useful and necessary while you’re fighting and traveling your way through the overlapping dimensions.



written by: emily spitsberg
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