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Whats up guys, and thank you for tuning in to The Nerd Q wordpress page!

As always it’s me Corey, here to bring you news about myself mostly, and I promise there is an awesome picture for Glitch Con at the bottom of this if you make it! Swears…

Okay, so my name is Corey or Cornelius but I prefer the former against constant protests from peers—but I started The Nerd Q, which has been an evolutionary project since 2011. It has gone under many names, and it typically contained the word NERD because well..that is the word that was tossed at me the most from middle school to college.

I was raised in a family that literally massively consumed video games, comics, mini-figures, and a wide array of pop culture paraphernalia. My first shot with Podcasting came from a good buddy of mine, Ballsrog, and his rag tag band of trash talking video game vigilantes and that was almost 8 years ago. Ever since then I have had the itch to work with as well as on podcasts and report the news about video games.

Currently I am taking up residence in Fargo, ND which is a far and long change from Detroit, MI haha but I am totally enjoying it. The Nerd Q is here to interact with the community, so that means you guys of course, and really make podcasts, articles, and do interviews that ultimately give back. As promised you made it to the end of the article, and I will show you the awesome Glitch Con picture and link to the Glitch Con interview with Nicolaas VanMeerten!

Glitch Con Interview!


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Author: Corey Cliett

Detroit native, hanging out in Fargo to play video games and shake things up.

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