Ultimate Chicken Horse Low-Down

Ultimate Chicken Horseā€¦ The name alone should alert you to the tribulations that you will face while engaging in this hilariously devious multiplayer competitive game. The goal is to become the ultimate chicken, horse, squirrel or whatever animal you choose. In UCH, up to four players are dropped in a simple base level with little to no obstacles, but also, at times, little to no way of reaching the finish line, and this is where the deviousness comes into play, so keep up.

After every round, a box opens up on the screen, and each player has to race to select the obstacles or platforms that they choose to lay down on the map. The box contains numerous different types of items that you can place on the map, everything from buzz saws to mechanical hockey sticks that blast you with pucks or a simple platform to help you reach the goal. There are even surprising synergies that you can accomplish through the proper placement and mixture of box items. For example, if you place sticky honey on a rotating platform with any other item, they will stick together and rotate as one death machine.

The visuals are nothing to write home about, but this game is not at all about the graphics. They make up for it by having a feature that feels like it is being forgotten more and more frequently by game devs out there. UNLOCKABLE CHARACTERS. This is a big one for me. If you want to design an interesting competitive couch game, you better have a common goal available to the players so that everyone can share in the joys of victory from time to time. The little details and actions help as well, which UCH did not forget to include. Every character has the ability to dance, if they so choose; I feel it is best used when you are in a situation that you cannot survive from. Dancing cures all pain.

This is absolutely not a single player game. If you actually want to enjoy UCH, I hope to God you have at least 2 other friends that want to jump in with you; if you have 3 friends, you must be some sort of social god, and I applaud you and hope that the posse is playing Ultimate Chicken Horse.

I would say that UCH is a must own title for those of you who like to have games at your gatherings or parties. It is lightweight on your machine and contains hours of fun where no two levels will end up the same. As I was writing this, I was trying to come up with at least one negative feature in this game; I cannot think of anything. This game delivers on what it is supposed to be in every way that I can imagine, and $14.99 is very reasonable for a four player couch game, considering that in the days of the N64, we would happily pay $49.99 for Mario Party, which would literally make you bleed during certain events, and everyone hated whomever took 1st place for the rest of the sleepover.

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