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I’ve been back home for over 12 months now, so it’s pretty exciting.

But even though I am just starting my journey over. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I want to do it. And the name The Shoppe is old is way way old. It comes from a time when I was first starting a podcast I had the privilege and honor of being on the Ballscast with Ballsrog and that set into motion a very careful, and somewhat haphazardly planned series of events but I regret none of it. So, this is The Shoppe I want to try something very very unique at least for my podcasting catalog usually episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour I’ve done two hour shows with Cave Radio Broadcasting. So what I want to try and do is tell a story in eight minute and I was inspired by myself which is extremely vain to say but I was kind of pushed this way. I started playing around with Anchor which is an app that allows you to record shows and then only three minutes. Then I heard it on the Gary Vaynerchuk podcast, that you know you can just try and fit in as much content that doesn’t take away from the artists and people you want to talk to. Instead you dive deep into the subject matter then make that time the most worth it for the sake of saving people on time. I got a little bit of a cold rolling and so I apologize for the sniffles. So with that in mind I went to Michigan ComicCon last August and it was amazing.

It was the first convention back to Michigan and I met a lot of amazing people.

But right now I want to talk about Knight and Beard It’s a webcomic done by Sarah Bollinger and Tara Kurtzhals and it talks about a lot surprisingly; not surprisingly I totally expect a wealth of knowledge from every comic I read whether it’s a one shot Spider-Man for the annual, or if it’s a whole spanning story like Flashpoint, Brightest day Darkest Night, and then it turns into these these wild stories that affects so many characters. Knight and Beard deals with two, Knight who’s a very strong very strong woman who wants to become a knight a defender a a person who’s main gear is defending and being out there protecting those who can’t protect themselves. And it really shows in her personality because she’s a woman, she doesn’t want to be treated different. She doesn’t want to be looked down on. That leads to a lot of conflict and friction with some of the characters in the story, and you have Beard who is tall and strong and he has a beard spoilers but he’s remarkably kind and compassionate. And he acts out of empathy and he shows his willingness to protect in different ways.


This comic spoke to me, it felt right.

And so I want to take it under my wing, and try my hardest to talk about it in a way that makes you feel interested, and Knight and Beard isn’t where it’s going to stop.

I want to introduce a new format where I tackle three issues of a comic in eight minutes and in those eight minutes I’m going to try and explain and convey my passion for that project to the best of my ability and sometimes I may fall short, sometimes and may not do it right, but I really want to give this a shot. And as I sit here in front of the microphone I am just the most excited because this is me trying to rebuild, because I am now back in Michigan, I’m now back home, and I’m not in Fargo anymore. The game is different the people are different. The stakes are high, and I am remarkably excited to begin this journey.

So I thank you for taking the time to listen to this because that means that it’s not just my Shoppe it’s your Shoppe too.

Author: Corey Cliett

Detroit native, hanging out in Fargo to play video games and shake things up.

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