Take 2 – Episode 2 – Nameless

This week Dozer has dug up a Kickstarter campaign on its last leg, and it’s unfortunate because the game seems to show a lot of promise. Nameless is a top-down shooter inspired by Earthbound, Deus Ex, and Hotline Miami. Corey is in love with it, and the one-man Dev team behind this great concept.

About the Game

An odd shooter about a felon attempting to redeem himself by being sent into a hotel to clear out a terrorist threat. Encounter weird people on your journey and rescue hostages from violent assailants performing questionable acts on them. A passion project made by one guy!

Use lethal and/or nonlethal weaponry to clear out a hotel full of terrorists. A game where there’s no “right” way to play (unless you’re ruthlessly murdering innocent people (…you know who you are…)).

Despite that, there are consequences, and the public and media will have…strong opinions about how you are approaching the problems you’re presented.

The game is influenced by Earthbound/Mother series, Deus Ex, Hotline Miami.


Check out the studio Tiny Warrior Games and don’t forget to check out the Nameless Kickstarter.  And if you like what you see, you can even check out their game Frog Hop on Steam.

Other Games Mentioned

We didn’t talk about it much this week, but go check out Sainome Colosseum R English Edition before the Kickstarter ends on Wed, August 1st, 9:00 PM CDT. The game is being localized by our friends at LionWing Publishing. Expect to hear more from them on next week’s episode!


Author: Lyle Wayne

Lyle Wayne, more commonly known as DozerZigashi, is a Podcaster, Writer, and Game Designer. He is the current host of The Boomburst Podcast. Additionally, he is one of the main designers for Guardian Enforcers, a Tactical Card Game currently in development.

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