Starr Mazer DSP

Hows it going guys?

Since last year Imagos Softworks has worked hard to bring the masterpiece StarrMazer to reality, constantly updating the community on new additions through various resources; facebook, twitter, and StarrMazer TV to name a few. Even still I am waiting with baited breath for the release of the full game.

Down at PAXEAST there is a playable vertical slice or demo of Starr Mazer, which looks to be a blast, starting out 200 years before the main StarrMazer storyline. StarrMazer DSP will take place during the Great War that kicks off the main storyline.

But if you are looking to satiate that craving for StarrMazer, you can look forward to the release of DSP coming this summer, and you can also check out their demo down at PAXEAST if you are down in Boston!

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Author: Corey Cliett

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