For a year Reikon Games has laid in wait, all for a singular at bat for their very own game, and from what I can see it wasn’t in the slightest bit misplaced. The developers that make up Reikon have more than their fair share of talent between them, previously working on titles such as The Witcher 1 through 3, Dead Island, Shadow Warrior or Dying Light. All of it¬†¬†shines through the launch trailer which released last week and the demo that they unveiled at PAX EAST this past weekend.

It is a game which seems to be not for the weak hearted, extremely unforgiving, and stylish. Ruiner seems to take inspiration cyber punk cult classics pulling on the strings of the imagination, very much along the lines of Neuromancer, Ready Player One, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

There is a uniqueness that has it’s own draw with Ruiner, and it especially jumps at you through the website. This is where you can see more of the different inspirations meld, you are provided with information of different enemies dossiers ( creeps, security personnel, and cyborg minotaurs) and your gadgets that will act as your abilities. The website acts as your gateway drug into the city of Rengkok, and it’s even wrapped with a pretty bow, which is the well packaged prologue comic that plays to a personal curiosity to find out more; all of this perfectly pulls together a beautiful game.

Ruiner will be releasing sometime 2016 powered by the Unreal 4 engine and Reikon Games will also be working with Devolver Digital to bring this game to life on PC, MAC and LINUX.

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Author: Corey Cliett

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