Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2019

We have been following developers and searching high and low to find you the best and most unique indie games that we are stoked to play in 2019! Several of the titles below may not have a solid release date as their amazing teams are still hard at work on them, but they are still very much worth following in the meantime.




Feudal Alloy

January 17th, 2019 (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox)


What more could you ask for with this fantastical Metroidvania style game set in a medieval world with fish controlled robots? As you make your way through the unusual hand-drawn world, you will adapt new combat techniques and improve your skills allowing you to smash your way through all sorts of mechanical fish controlled creatures.



Felix The Reaper

TBA 2019 (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox)


Move over Grimm, there is a new and smoother reaper in town. Stealthily shimmy your way around in the shadows as an agent for The Ministry or Death to solve death puzzles to ensure a smooth death for the locals. Eventually you’ll cha cha slide into the heart of Betty the Maiden, who works at The Ministry of Life where life and death collide.



Untitled Goose Game

TBA 2019 (Steam, Switch)

It’s a lovely day in the local village and you are here to wreak havoc, Metal Goose Solid style. In this slapstick stealth-sandbox game, you waddle around as a mischievous goose causing trouble for the locals with pranks, hat stealing and plenty of honking.



Lost Ember

TBA 2019 (Steam, PS4, Xbox)

Civilization has fallen and nature has claimed back their world from mankind in this exploration adventure game. Despite being set in a post-apocalyptic world, this breathtaking world is filled with secrets you must fly, dig, swim and run to with the aid of a wolf with the power to inhabit and control other animals.



Okunoka – Switch 2018/ Steam/PS4/XBox TBA 2019 (Switch)
If you’re in the market for a classic run and jump platformer, then look no further. Life in the World of Souls is being threatened by the evil and its up to you to help purify the corrupt and defeat the dreadful Os from transforming each inhabitant into a machine.



Sayri Adventure

TBA 2019 (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox)
After losing its home, Sayri wakes up on a whole new unknown planet and its up to you to explore the foreign planet in search of a new homeland. While the current inhabitants are unknown, they are all friendly and are there to assist you through the environmental puzzles in the vibrant new world, free of stress and any lurking violence.




TBA 2019 (Steam)

Explore the lost civilization of an ancient world of wonders filled with lush forest, sun blasted deserts and frigid tundras in this puzzle platformer. With the aid of a magic staff, you will elegantly dash and glide across the world and through the clouds as you solve puzzles and discover hidden secrets and obstacles throughout the mesmerizing world.



Paper Cut Mansion

TBA 2019


Cardboard isn’t just the basis for a nightmare paper cut, its also the inspiration for this rogue-like horror game. This unique paper experiment drops you into a paper crafted prison that is packed with riddles and nightmare fueling cardboard creatures to haunt you in every room.



She and the Light Bearer

January 17th, 2019 (Steam)

Travel to a place where adventures, myths and fairy tale creatures reside in this whimsical point and click adventure game. As you make your way through the vibrant forest with folk tunes chirping around you, you will discover a world filled with secrets and silly creatures for you to interact with.




TBA 2019 (Steam, PS4)

The Norse god of mischief Loki is up to no good again, releasing a dreadful substance known as Eitr onto the unwoven threads of fate, altering your destiny forever and engulfing the sacred Yggdrasil tree in darkness. It is up to you, a mighty Norse Shield Maiden, to travel to the sacred nine realms in order to restore balance and unravel the mysteries shrouding your fate.



Unruly Heroes

January 23, 2019 (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox)


After the sacred scroll controlling world harmony was torn up and dispelled into the world, it’s up to four unlikely heroes to band together to restore peace and order. Inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West, you will travel the vast fantastical world seamlessly switching characters to fight an array of evil beings as you gather the divided pieces or the scroll.



Mineko’s Night Market

TBA 2019 (Steam, Switch)

Mineko has just arrived to a curious new Japanese-inspired island overrun by cats. In this adventure merchant game you will explore the mythical village, barter goods, play games and craft your resources into curious items for the weekly night market. Heavily inspired by Animal Crossing, this game is all about the journey, friends, traditions and cats!




TBA 2019 (Steam)

An unseeable darkness is damaging the fabric of the Heptaverse and its up to Keu, a being born from the outer dimension, to find and fix it! This sci-fi adventure platformer throws you into cryptic alien worlds filled with ancient ruins and texts that you must maneuver your way through in order to uncover the secrets surrounding the dark virus.




TBA 2019 (Steam, Switch, PS4, Xbox)

A rebellious tomboy has a mysterious power awoken within after a brutal attack on her hometown. This action RPG platformer has a backdrop of captivating mythological lands where you will cultivate abilities from the people you recruit during your journey to uncover the truth of your mysterious new powers.



The Pathless

TBA 2019 (PS4)

Explore a forest shrouded in mystery as a fearless master archer known as the Hunter. As you hunt the corrupted spirits that reside within, you will form a meaningful bond with your eagle companion who will aid you along the way. Just make sure you are the hunter and not the hunted.





TBA 2019 (Steam)
There’s no honor among thieves, and that is especially true in the Griftlands. This sci-fi pirate sandbox game follows several mercenaries whose only goals are to survive and make a fortune, and everything is negotiable- even your own morality.



Knights and Bikes

TBA 2019 (Steam, PS4)


Grab your helmet and hop on that bike in search for this hand-painted action adventure. We follow two scrappy girls on a British island on an epic Goonies-inspired tale filled with danger, mysteries and treasures to claim! You’ll face treacherous water-balloons, puddles and frisbees to dodge, but will gain new abilities and trinkets with each rescue of a local islanders to assist you along the way.




TBA 2019 (Steam, Xbox)

Discover ancient runes, artifacts and fallen ships on this marvelously rendered open world desert planet. A unique coming of age tale that follows Sable as she learns the curious history of the alien planet and her own place in the world. Let curiosity be your guide during this journey of self discovery and enlightenment.



Void Bastards

TBA 2019 (Steam, Xbox)

The misfits have gone rogue and its up to you to lead the rag-tag prisoners out of the Sargasso Nebula. As the leader its up to you to scavenge, craft tools on the fly and take control of the ship using any means necessary. Ultimately you have three choices to survive- fight, flight or just be a bastard.




TBA 2019 (Steam, Xbox)

A unique blend of creature capturing and farm life brings us to the vibrantly colored world of Ooblets. This farm sim game allows players to cultivate and customize their own character and farm and explore a world filled with plants to grow, quirky creatures to dance with and other trainers to meet.

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