Challenge: 50 Words

As a challenge to indie dev start-ups, The NerdQ invites submissions of 50 word game descriptions to showcase new and promising projects that deserve to be on everyone’s radar. This includes board games, pen-and-paper RPGs, and videogames, because highlighting these creative sparks will both inform the public and push groups to begin the process of promoting their work.
Think of this as the text that would appear on the back of the game box, the blurb next to the ‘buy’ button online. What are the key things you want people to read up front, first and foremost? Make it quick; if you can’t distill your project into 50 words, you’ll have a tough time reaching people, end of story.
50 Words will serve as an introduction, a point of contact between The NerdQ and the talent that brings new experiences to hungry audiences. If viewers respond positively and a particularly compelling game invites further investigation, podcast interviews and articles will come to pass; we’re excited to hear about what you’re up to.
Simply include the game’s title, the name of the group or person submitting, the genre, and the description.  Here are a few examples:

Game Title: Sum Written By: NerdQ Genre: Educational 50 Words: Players chase fireflies and solve math questions to catch them, spending points on power-ups, special items, and new abilities. The game logs all entered answers in a database for teachers; lessons and game challenges progress in line with Common Core State Standards, grades 1-5.

Game Title: Minutia Written By: NerdQ Genre: MMORPG 50 Words: Players navigate technological metropolises where every decision and interaction effects in-game outcomes. After constructing portal devices, the cities become part of the pan-dimensional network, and gamers compete in quests to change the fabric of existence while grooming and protecting the worlds of origin.

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Want to print our guidelines?  Here’s a pdf: 50 Words

Author: Erik Meyer

Erik edits content, writes articles, conducts interviews, and draws silly things for The NerdQ. He also produces Planning Session, a comic showcasing dev discussions.

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