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Hello NerdQ,

My name is Jon Engstrom and am very happy to be joining this community. To provide some introduction, I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades kind of person. Above all, I’m very passionate about gaming, not only from a player perspective, but also as an aspiring game developer. I’ve played a ton of games, but these are ones that have probably impacted me the most:

Presently, I’ve been playing Destiny 2 (currently have a 297 Nightstalker Hunter), but prior to that I was playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (in anticipation of Origins), Slime Rancher, and Minecraft (Do we ever really stop playing Minecraft?). For consoles, I own a PS3, Xbox One, and a Wii U. Super excited for Xbox One X, so I can fully utilize the 4k TV I’ve had for 2 years. I have a PC, though I haven’t been gaming on it as of late. Not sure if my attention is just being held by consoles, or lack of interesting games to play.

To touch on my background with Game Design, I graduated with a 2-year degree in Programming and had also taken 2 years of a 4 year program at the Art Institute of Pittsburg Online. Unfortunately, life had me make the tough decision of either being able to work and afford rent by dropping out of Game Design, or going to school full time and trying to work 35-40 hours a work. I was working as a DJ, generally from 7pm to 3am (So much for my Programming degree!). I chose to drop out since I figured, if fate would have it, I could return when my life was a bit more stable.

Since then, my path through life has undoubtedly been a great path. I got hired working as a support engineer at a call center, which lead to a position as an application developer, which lead me to now be working at Microsoft. Ultimately, my biggest asset is my ability to learn, which has enabled me to learn C#, Unity, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Unity3D logo

Now that you practically know my life story, these are the things that I’m hoping to accomplish here:

  1. Spread the passion about gaming throughout the Midwest and beyond.
  2. Continue to grow as an aspiring game developer.
  3. Play amazing games!

If you’re working on game development projects, I would love to lend any support and guidance I can. I’d also love to hear your stories of how you got involved with gaming or game design.

I look forward to interacting with everyone out there that’s following the NerdQ and again, I am truly excited to be here.

Jon Engstrom
Xbox Live – “Kohldar”
Twitter handle – @Kohldar
WordPress – https://kohldproductions.wordpress.com/

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