50 Word Pitch

The NerdQ challenges devs to describe their games in a maximum of 50 words. Distill the project to its core, and we’ll post the pitch to our site and social media as an entry point for our audience. Please provide information per the format in the examples below:

Game Title: Sum Written By: NerdQ Genre: Educational

50 Words: Players chase fireflies and solve math questions to catch them, spending points on power-ups, special items, and new abilities. The game logs all entered answers in a database for teachers; lessons and game challenges progress in line with Common Core State Standards, grades 1-5.

Game Title: Fargone Written By: NerdQ Genre: Adventure

50 Words: In the totalitarian police state of Fargo, 2125, citizens must learn skills and outsmart the city’s decaying infrastructure in order to stop a multi-dimensional invasion. Build gadgets from wreckage. Reroute power and fire up a factory. Construct a device to bridge time and space. Learn or perish.

Game Title: Minutia Written By: NerdQ Genre: MMORPG

50 Words: Players navigate technological metropolises where every decision and interaction effects in-game outcomes. After constructing portal devices, the cities become part of the pan-dimensional network, and gamers compete in quests to change the fabric of existence while grooming and protecting the worlds of origin.

Email: corey@thenerdq.com (or hit us up through Facebook)

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