First in a long while

Welcome back, to those that have been here the whole time, and Hello to the people that are just joining for this recent return. We have been away from the spot light for a while, and there has been content coming out. We have taken the time to sample some other avenues for us to produce content, and there is nothing that will take us away from our bread and butter. Which is all of you followers, subscribers, and consumers of our content.

If you are curious as to what we have been working on here are some links and usernames to follow.

Definitely check out our Twitch channel, which as been steadily growing as we take time to taste the Indie Games that we are interested in. It is where you can find us almost every day of the week.


You can also check out our Instagram, where we post schedules, follow up with documenting the goings on with The NerdQ house, and updates to our directions as well as focuses within our path. It has been fun to snap pictures to tell our story. Even the small moments where we get the new equipment setup.

Instagram: @TheNerdQ

And of course, we are building up our Facebook again with information that we hope you guys enjoy. From trailers of games we are looking at, to updates on what we have cooking in The NerdQ kitchen. So stay tuned with us on this journey, while we may falter we will never fall from our original mark.


Author: Corey Cliett

Detroit native, hanging out in Fargo to play video games and shake things up.

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